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Rs. 2,280.00

Hill's Prescription Diet Digestive Care i/d Canine with Turkey -370 grams

- Digestive Care  - Your dog's digestive health can be negatively affected by many things and when your dog has a digestive upset, its a thoroughly unpleasant experien...

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline - Digestive Care - 1.8 kgs

- Made to be highly digestible, the Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Digestive Care aims to promote healthy digestive functioning. - It contains prebiotic fibre as ...

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Canine - Digestive Care/GI Restore

- The Hill's Prescription i/d Canine Digestive Care/Gi Restore dog food helps to settle your pet's tummy. - It promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut and replaces los...


To help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.


Our vision is to lead the premium segment of the pet food market worldwide through our position as the recognized global leader in nutritional health care for pets. In other words, we, like our founder Dr. Mark Morris, Snr. believe that pet nutrition is vital to pets living long, healthy lives. We want the world to know that Hill's pet foods are the best pet foods a pet owner can buy.


We believe all animals - from your pet to the companion animals we care for - should be loved and cared for during their lifetimes. That's why we're proud of our pet foods that can make a difference in your pet's life. We make this pledge to you about our commitment to the welfare of animals everywhere.