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Petkin Petwipes Valu-Pak - 40 wipes

- These pet wipes come with special veterinarian formulas that offer instant cleaning and keeps your furry friend's coat shiny and glistening at all times. - Generous ...

Petkin Litter Box Wipes - 40 wipes

- A set of these Petkin litter box wipes makes the chore of cleaning your kitty's litter box. All you have to do is pull out a wipe and wipe clean the box! - These wip...

Petkin Liquid Oral Care - Dental Care Solution for Dogs and Cats - 240 ml

- Heads Up For Tails presents Petkin Liquid Oral care for dogs.We all want our furry friends to have a set of shining and beautiful teeth in addition to a glistening c...

Petkin Itch Wipes for Dogs and Cats - 30 wipes

- Petkin Itch Wipes for dogs and cats is an easy way to soothe your pet's itching and discomfort that are caused by hot spots, flea bites and skin irritation. Witch ha...

Petkin Tushiewipes - 100 wipes

- These Petkin Tushiewipes are a convenient way of keeping your pet's bottom clean. - These wet wipes are easy to access and have a special scent with eau de toilette ...

Petkin Petwipes

- Petkin Pet wipes are immensely handy acquisitions for every pet parent and facilitate quick cleaning on the move! - These Pet Wipes from Petkin are a multi-utility p...

Petkin Petwipes

Rs. 875.00
Rs. 875.00

Petkin Petwipes


Petkin Cat Litter Deodorizer - Vanilla - 576 gms

- This sprinkling powder contains pure baking soda which is a natural deodorizer and removes the nasty odours of the litter box. - The moisture activated formula fills...

Petkin Dental Chew Toy Spray - 120 ml

- Another dental care marvel for pet owners, Petkindental chew toy spray is a fun and innovative product that simply jazzes up your pet's daily grooming routine like n...

Petkin Cat Litter Deodorizer - Lavender - 576 gms

- This special product contains baking soda that has natural deodorizing powers. It uses aromatherapy to freshen the space with lavender essences. - This deodorizer ca...

PetKin Kitty Wipes 15 Wipes

- Veterinarian approved Kitty Wipes provide the fastest, most convenient way to keep your pet clean. Each jumbo size pet wipe is moistened with a natural cleansing for...

Rs. 175.00

PetKin Kitty Wipes 15 Wipes


Petkin Petwipes - 30 wipes

- Petkin Pet wipes are immensely handy acquisitions for every pet parent and facilitate quick cleaning on the move! - These pet wipes come with special veterinarian fo...

Rs. 295.00

Petkin Petwipes - 30 wipes


Petkin Plaque Spray - Dental Care Solution for Dogs and Cats - 120 ml

- Dental hygiene is always an area of concern for pet owners who like their furry wards to flaunt sparkling teeth always. - Petkinplaque spray for dogs can work its ma...

At Petkin, we know how much you care about your pet. As lifelong animal lovers ourselves, the bond between an owner and their cat or dog is one we can appreciate first-hand and have worked hard to honor for over two decades, with our full line of specialty grooming and dental products.

Whether you're looking to use our renowned pet wipes to quickly rinse down your dog after a long walk, clean out your cat's ears with our medicated pet swabs, or assist with just about any other necessity for a furry friend - Petkincarries easy to use animal care products for the job.