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We make food for pets. Every ingredient we use has a purpose, with nothing extra added that your pet doesn’t need.

We can trace the Wagg family tree back to 1923, when James R Page (our current Managing Directors Grandfather) started a small company producing animal feed, in a factory in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.

This company became known as ‘Page Feeds’ and by the 1980s we had branched into pet feed. Fast forward another 6 years, (June 1986) and we can celebrate the birth of Wagg. 4 years later we waved goodbye to Tadcaster, and moved to our current home just outside Topcliffe, Thirsk.

Since that day we haven’t looked back, our purpose-built factory has allowed us to continue to grow and we are currently expanding around the globe. However, we haven’t forgotten who we are or where we have come from.

We are still a family firm, who love our furry family members, and our director's dogs are often caught causing chaos in the office here at Wagg