Dog Food constituents calculation

There are 5 main analytical constituents in a dog's diet:

- Protein

- Fats

- Water(moisture)

- Ash(common name for mineral contents)

- Carbohydrates (including Fibre)

And in some foods, we have other good additives like Omega oils, Vitamins, etc.

On the product pack, we see most or all of these constituents represented as crude percentage. However, as moisture adds no value to the food's quality, we remove the same from the overall food and give you a dry matter value (DMV) percentage of the same. This allows all foods to be measured on an equal scale instead of being dependent upon their moisture content.

Carbohydrates are almost never mentioned on these packs but the way to calculate this is = 100% - Protein - Fats - Water - Ash

As of now, we do not include the additional additives in our composition, but we are working hard to add those to the composition table too.