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Hate empty food jars, last minute rush to the pet shop and finding out they don’t have what you need?

Subscribe to your pets favourite food and get them delivered at your door step while you save on time & money Want to know more? Just call us!

Choosing between expensive grooming salons and uncomfortable home bathing sessions getting difficult?

Get the best of both worlds, with our qualified home groomers, while you sit back and chill.Book grooming session? Call us now!
Home Boarding

Love travelling but worried about where you leave your pet?

Let our trusted home boarders give your fur buddy a cage-free environment so you can enjoy a care-free vacation Need help finding a boarding?

Still referring to Dr google and FB feeds for small queries or medical emergencies?

Let the real vets do the talking through video, audio & text anytime and from anywhere Need medical help? Download now!

Your dog jumping on your guests spoiling the fun?

Let us help you with our unique training approach to help you strengthen your bond with your fur buddy Need help training? Call us!

Stuck with dog walkers who walk less, talk more?

Use walking solutions on the app to track your walker or hire amazing walkers who love to play with your doggie. Looking for a walker? We can help!

Long queues at the vet making your pet anxious?

Enjoy hassle free experience with your vet by booking appointments from the app. Want your vet to join us?

Worried about low quality pet products on e-commerce sites?

Gift your pup best products from authentic and top brands delivered at your door step! Buy Now!


Add Multiple Pets & Parents

Add and manage multiple pets from one app. Then add others as sub-parents and share responsibilities.

Medicine reminders

Record and set reminders for deworming and any other medicines so you never miss a dose again.

Ready for Emergencies

Call an ambulance or chat with qualified vets in case of any unexpected incidents.

Digitize Medical History

Convert all your older prescriptions and reports into image based records and save in the app for access anytime.

Record Allergies

Add all known allergies so you, your pet's co-parents and the vets are aware at all times.

Vaccination Chart

Create your pet's vaccination chart yourself or let your vet add it in the app so you can keep track.

Getting started takes less than 4 minutes

Download the only app you will ever need to take care of your fur baby.

Have Questions? Look Here.

NO. DoggieTheApp is a completely free to use app. You only pay for the paid services available in the app like food delivery, grooming, boarding, hiring a walker or a trainer, e-consultation, etc.

The free to use features include medicine reminders, subparents, tracking your dog's walk, training, vet appointment booking, managing vaccination chart, ambulance listing, medical history and more.

Pet food subscription is one of our unique features based on reviews of hundreds of pet parents who order the same food after a certain number of days like clockwork. We make your life easy by delivering the food on the set schedule as asked by you so you don't need to call the pet store again and again while ensuring that your pet's favourite food is always in stock.

We will always call you before a delivery and you can change any delivery as per your liking directly from within the app itself or by informing us when we call.

Our groomers use the best quality products from Bio-Groom to Captain Zack and even Wildwash, depending upon the grooming package you choose, which are clearly mentioned in the app itself. Each service has to fulfill every one of the mentioned parts and we even go the extra mile in some cases especially if there is a ticks and flea situation.

DoggieTheApp is built on the promise of helping pet parents take care of their pets to the best of their ability. We cannot fulfil that promise if we do not have any info on you and your pet. For example, if you have a cat and register with him/her, you will see cat products and services on the home page itself thus saving you valuable time in browsing through our offerings and select cat based services from each list.

Every Home boarder you see on DoggieTheApp has gone through a thorough checking process that includes house visits by a certified trainer, a questionnaire they need to pass and submitting their Adhaar card copy with us. Even after someone has done these, we have rejected boarders who might not know a closeby vet or even have windows that are not covered in some way.

We are extremely particular about who you board your pet with and do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that your for baby lives in absolute comfort and peace while you are away.

e-consultation is an easy way for you to get help in case something goes wrong at an odd hour when you might not have access to a full time vet clinic. Also, in case of a small issue, sometimes we do not consult a vet but just ask people around and google the symptoms to get help. It can be something as small as what food to buy or something more immediate say your pet pukes something. You can chat with sharing images or even do an audio or video call with the vet and get your answers the right way.

Every single vet you see in the app has submitted his/her medical registration number and also uses our medical software platform, VETolution. They all have their own clinics or work at one so you can rest assured about their credentials.

Training is one of the most under-used activity we do with our dogs and that is due to several reasons. Firstly, trainers are expensive and more importantly, even when they train your dogs, often the dogs still don't listen to you as the command is set with the trainer and not you. And internet just confuses the hell out of us, offering hundreds of ways for the same command.

Our training module is designed to be easy and intuitive for you and your dog to understand from the get go. Additionally, we offer an initiation session with a professional trainer, should you wish to do so, at a small fee, where they will take you through the basics of how best to use the app to train your doggie. And you can also appear for our training exams in the app itself and submit videos for a trainer to rate and help your dog earn some stars.

Each dog has their own walking requirements. When not met, they tend to be over excited in their homes and in some cases even develop illnesses as they grow older. We allow you to track your dog's walk not just when you walk them but also when your walkers do.

Dog Walkers often take shortcuts or just stand at some places talking on the phone for the walk duration and come back without ensuring that your dog's walking needs are met. By adding them as walkers and tracking their walks, you can be sure that your doggie is getting all the exercise they need. To send a download link of the Walker App to your walker, just add them from within the app's Walking page.

Oh and you can also request for a DoggieTheApp authorised walker for your pup.

4k+ Customers Love DoggieTheApp


I have always been bowled over for the fact that I always had super fast food deliveries and didn’t wanna worry ever about the food getting over quickly. Be it the groomer or the food delivery, it’s always been an amazing experience with you all.

Ruchita Dalal

This is the perfect app for all my needs for my dogs... both my dogs loves their services.. Happy dogs are healthy dogs..

golden retriever mum

must have app if you are a pet parent. seamlessly syncs my pets medical records to his vets CRM. was really delighted to treat my doggie to a great home grooming session from them as well. delivers food on time always.

Rohit khurana

One of the best app for buying products for my dogs. Food is always delivered on time on particular date. Totally satisfied. Keep it up.

Soham Ambekar

nice app to keep a record of appointments as well as food.

Rajlakshmi Singh

Great app to manage everything for my dog in one place. Pity its in MUMBAI only yet!

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