Beaphar Calming Dog Collar

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Made using natural materials, the Beaphar Calming Dog Collar has Valerian and Lavender. Both are known for their calming properties. Calming collars are ideally used before an event that is stressful for your dog. This could be firecracker-centric festivals like Diwali or other loud events. These are often used for dogs with separation anxiety as it is meant to keep pets feeling calm and settled. Helping your pet stay calm will discourage behaviour like excessive barking/chewing, urination indoors etc. and other destructive behaviour. The ingredients are slowly released over 3 to 4 weeks.
Product type: Calming collar for dogs
Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds
Encourages a calm, relaxed demeanour
Discourages destructive behaviour
Made with natural materials
Valerian and Lavender
Lasts for 3-4 weeks
Please check with your vet before using it for your dog
Check for any possible allergens
Directions for Use and Precautions: Slip the collar on as you would a conventional, flat collar. Cut off any extra bit of the collar and dispose. Make sure the collar is next to the skin. It should not be placed over your pet's usual collar. Open sachet just before you use the collar.
If the collar gets wet accidentally, allow it to dry to resume its effectiveness. Remove collar while giving your dog a bath with shampoo. If your pet is growing, remember to loosen it as your pet gets bigger.
Tip: Conditions like separation anxiety need to be treated carefully by an animal behaviourist or trainer. A calming collar alone will not help, it is only an aid.