Beaphar Gentle Leader Training Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs - Red - S/M

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A gentle way to stop your pet from pulling on his leash, the Beaphar Gentle Leader head collar system is an award winning training aid. Encourage your dog or pup to walk calmly beside you on walks without choking or pulling. It counters your dog's desire to pull by applying a gentle pressure at the back of the neck and around the muzzle to stimulate a relaxation response.
 A great way to train your pet in basic walk-time obedience, it works in the same way that a halter does for a horse - it steers the nose, while the body follows. Individually adjustable for a good fit, it is made of soft weave for comfort.
Product type: Training aid
Made with soft weave for comfort
Long-lasting and strong
Individually adjustable
Read training guide closely
Take advice from qualified animal behaviourists/trainer before use
Tip: It is best to start walking pups after they have got their basic vaccinations. Their immune systems are not very strong just as yet and they could easily pick up viruses from the outside world.