Supawcool Puppy essentials pack with food, cleaning, toy and training essentials (Large Breed)

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Getting a new puppy is not only exciting but also a demanding task. Needless to say, you are are a superhero in the eyes of your pupper. And doggie the app will be your sidekick and help you be the super hero you puppet thinks you are.

We are here to take care of basics. Hence, we have customised a puppy essentials just for you.

The package contains:


We have put together some of the most nutritious and popular pet food options for your puppy to taste and choose from.


  1. Orijen puppy Large -340 grams : Orijen nourishes large breed puppies according to their evolutionary and biological needs. Unmatched by any other puppy food, 2/3rd of Orijen meats are fresh (refrigerated, no preservatives) or raw (flash-frozen, no preservatives), including the top 10 ingredients
  2. Acana grass fed lamb : ACANA Grass-Fed Lamb is a limited ingredient food containing 50% lamb, a single, easily digestible animal protein that is ideal for diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages.  OR.                                      -  Acana free run duck : Raised free-run in rural Ontario, fresh duck arrives in richly nourishing whole prey ratios of meat, organs and cartilage that mirror the natural diet, while fresh pear, squash and pumpkin support healthy digestion.
  3. Taste of the wild pacific stream canine puppy formula gets all its animal protein from fish, meaning that it’s rich in the omega fatty acids that help keep skin healthy and fur smooth and shiny. Unique flavors from smoked salmon, vegetables, legumes and fruits in a small kibble size make it easy for puppies to enjoy the nutrients they need for overall vitality.
  4. Chicopee lamb and potato puppy : Balanced levels of Calcium, Phosphorus and other minerals support the development of strong bones and teeth.The adapted protein and fat content of our feed ensures a harmonic growth of your puppy.
  5. Genesis green highland puppy: selected high-quality and particularly digestible sources of protein such as fresh lamb, fresh goat, fresh chicken and poultry. These provide vital protein building blocks for the muscle building of growing dogs and ensure a balanced diet and optimal development of your upper.


Doggie Dabba liver it up treats: The chicken liver chunks are packed with essential vitamins & minerals. Rich in Iron, Phosphorous, Niacin & Vitamin A.


Rope toy: It is important to discourage the biting behaviour, hence a rope toy always comes handy to distract puppies and encourage appropriate behaviours

 Training pads:

M-Pets Puppy Training Pads - 30 Pcs - White

 A training aid that many pet parents find helpful is a puppy pad. M-Pets Puppy Training Pads are made from absorbent materials, these pads absorb the urine from your new pet and keep that liquid from touching the floors in your home.

 POOP scoop:

It is our responsibility to clean to take care of our dog’s business and to make sure other people are not affected by it. Hence, poop scoop will help you clean the poop without even touching it.

 Petwipes :

Puppers are explorers, sniffing around , messy eating. Parents cannot bather them everyday. Hence, pet wipes will help you keep you pupper clean and fresh.

 Pet comb:

Puppers are attract fleas and ticks often. A regular comb of the fur, will keep your clean, dirt free and fleas free.


Clicker is an essential tool to train your little pupper. Pair it up wit treats and train your pupper to be goodest boi/ girl

 Apart from products we offer services in this to all our new puppy parents (PAWrents)

  1. Nutrition consultation : Get a 30 minute Free session to discuss the good and the bad about your puppy’s food, eating habits and the best way to take care of your fur baby’s nutrition.
  2. Customised Feeding Chart: Based on the session, our nutrionist will create a 4-12 week feeding chart especially for your doggo.
  3. Pet Insurance : Doggie the app and Bajaj Alliance will take care of your dog insurance upto 50k rupees.

Subscribe, Save & Chill

No more last minute dash to the pet store!

What if we tell you, you don’t have to worry about buying your pet's favourite food every few days/weeks! Instead, we will call and deliver it automatically, like MAGIC.

Just Subscribe your pet’s favorite food on DoggieTheApp and just relax. We will call and confirm before every delivery so no surprises at all! Zero cancellation and rescheduling charges.


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