Fitmin Mini Senior

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Super-premium food for puppies of small breeds, 2-10 months of age, pregnant and nursing dogs, with a high content of meat and eggs. Proteins 31 %, Fat 20 %, Energy 16.5 MJ/1 kg.

Crude protein 31 %, crude oils and fats 20 %, crude fibre 2.2 %, crude ash 6.8 %, calcium 1.1 %, phosphorus 1 %, sodium 0.27 %.


- made from 69% of animal ingredients ° 50% fresh chicken meat ° 15% dry chicken ingredients ° 4% fish ingredients
- 70% of protein of animal origin
- with balanced ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
- with natural antioxidants to protect body cells against free radicals
- without wheat gluten to reduce the risk of allergies
- with dental care complex for healthy teeth
- with rosemary extract to support the function of the liver and better digestion
- without soya and genetically modified ingredients


poultry meat (fresh poultry meat - 50 % in fresh, dried poultry 22,5 %, hydrolyzed poultry liver 3 %), rice, corn, poultry fat, fish meal, flax seed, dried sugar beet pulp, hen eggs, apple pomace, salmon oil (1 %), brewer's yeast, fructooligosaccharides (0.2 %), sodium dihydrogen phosphate, yucca, natural antioxidant complex (0.02 %), rosemary extract (0.01%).


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