Genesis Green Highland Puppy Dry Dog Food - 80% meat + 20% vegetables + 0 grain

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12 months

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Since the beginning of time, the main component of a dog’s diet in the wilderness has been meat and fish. In their natural environment dogs also benefited from a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, as this was the diet of their prey.


The dog, like his ancestor the wolf, hungers for a meat-rich diet. Our nutritionists at Genesis Pure Canada prepared these special recipes for your dog by building on the natural foundation of our canine friends natural cravings.



for growing dogs

Genesis Pure Canada Green Highland for young dogs (0 –12 months), is a protein-based diet using only the highest quality fresh meats: fresh lamb, fresh goat, fresh chicken and chicken protein, which are important for muscle development, along with our added colostrum helps to strengthen your puppy’s immune system. We’ve included pure milk as well to assist with the gentle change going from their mother’s milk to eating independently.

Our unique combination of plantains and carrots eliminates the need for potatoes while ensuring that there is enough starch and low GI carbohydrates needed to keep your pup full of energy and deliver essential fibre to stabilize their digestion. The addition of our blend of herbs (chamomile and fennel) and berries rounds out the recipe to ensure your puppy receives antioxidants and essential vitamins to support their natural friskiness!

Our nutritionists have gone above and beyond with this product, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. They’ve researched the vitamin and mineral combinations for years in order to ensure the perfect combination of essential vitamins such as Calcium and Phosphorus are properly balanced.

You pamper your young dog with wholesome and grainfree food. Genesis Pure Canada Green Highland is also suitable for food-sensitive, young dogs to the deliberate exclusion of grain. The special selection of carbohydrate sources ensures a low glycemic index.






Fresh chicken (56 %), chicken protein (dried, 12.5 %), plantain (dried, 9.4 %), fresh goat (6 %), carrots (dried, 2.7 %), skimmed milk powder (2 %), fresh lamb (2 %), lentils (dried), chickpeas (dried), hydrolysed protein, psyllium seeds, linseed, colostrum (0.3 %), blueberry (dried, 0.1 %), cranberry (dried), green-lipped mussels (dried, 0.1 %), stinging nettle (dried), blackberry leaves (dried), yarrow (dried), fennel (dried, 0.02 %), caraway (dried), chamomile blossoms (dried, 0.02 %), mistletoe (dried), gentian root (dried), centaury (dried).



Feeding Recommendation for growing dogs


Feeding Recommendation for bitches in pregnancy and lactating bitches


Genesis Pure Canada Dog was developed with evolution and nature in mind! We’ve created our recipes using

80 % high quality animal protein of special meats

20 % vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs

0 % grain

We’ve kept it simple and included only the most essential, high quality ingredients your dog needs to thrive!

For Shallow Land we deviate from this concept because it contains only one animal protein source (lamb), which makes up 60% of the recipe. This means that Shallow Land with it‘s reduced recipe is best suited for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Fresh, sustainable products play an important role in how our ingredients are selected; this is part of our Genesis Pure Canada Philosophy. We take pride in selecting only the highest quality raw materials, while also being mindful to use proper cooking methods to ensure that the goodness of the ingredients is maintained. Genesis Pure Canada dog food reflects the highest quality standards you expect for your dog as well as offers the delicious flavours these blends of fresh ingredients bring to our recipes.

Genesis Pure Canada Dog uses a unique blend of fresh meat protein sources to allow your dog to benefit from the vitamins and nutrients that these meats contain naturally. This is how it’s done in the wild and this is how we believe your dog should be fed.

Each of our special formulations contains a unique blend of meat proteins because we feel this offers the best nutritional recipes for your dog. By using these combinations, we optimize digestibility, palatability and nutrient absorption.


Natural Holistic Dog Food -
Original recipe from the homeland of the wolves!



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