KONG Feather Mouse Cat Toy

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- The KONG Feather Mouse Cat Toy has plenty to tempt your cat. Its soft, plush body is designed to hold catnip within.

- If the scent of the catnip begins to fade, open the pouch, add more catnip and then reclose. Feathers are attached for added enjoyment.

- It can be machine washed with the catnip removed.

- Product type: Toy for cats

- Feather embellishments

- Refillable catnip toy

- Can be machine washed with the catnip removed

- Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet

- We always recommend pet parent supervision

- Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage

- Tip: When getting toys for your cat be sure to make note of the size.It should be small enough to suit the size of your cat, especially if it is a toy that should be swatted and batted about.

- Please Note: There might be variance in colour and style. Please allow us to choose for you.

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