Petkin Jumbo Earwipes for Dogs and Cats - 80 wipes

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- All pet parents need efficient and safe dog grooming products for their furry wards. Here is where these Petkinjumbo ear wipes come in immensely handy with regard to keeping your pet's ears clean and healthy at all times.

- A convenient and helpful solution for every pet owner, these pet ear wipes are readily available at our dog store India.

- These ear wipes possess appropriate veterinarian approval and offer immense convenience with regard to combating the build-up of wax, dirt, grime and other discharge in your furry friend's ears. If not tackled early, these impurities can cause serious problems in the future along with minor irritation, odours and perennial itching as well. 

- These wipes contain a special formula that incorporates several healthy botanical extracts and aloe vera into the mix for superior health and cleaning. 


- Perfect to clean paws after a walk
- Completely hypoallergenic
- Helps to moisturize the skin
- Provides instant relief from itchiness
- Cleans the wax accumulation from the ear, while removing odour
- Works to combat foul odours
- Cleans up the regular build-up of wax and grime
- Soothes itching problems
- Immensely convenient
- Totally safe for regular usage

- Directions: Pull wipe up and tear at a slight angle. Gently wipe around ear until clean. Do not force into the ear canal. Use a new clean wipe for each ear. Safe for daily use.

- Suitable for: Safe for daily use on dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age, cats and kitten.

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