Royal Canin Giant Breed Starter Puppy Food

Contain Grains
Not Hypo-allergenic
Age From:
0.5 months
Age To:
2 months

Rs. 9,180.00

In stock

What's In This Food?

Energy Density: NA
30% 22% 8% 40%

(2% Fibre)

Categories: Dog Food, Dry Food, Dry Kibble (all), Great Dane, Puppy Care, Puppy food, Royal Canin

- The Birth Programme is a unique nutritional solution to meet the needs of a mother and her puppies during the initial growth stages.

- Aid in digestion and protects your puppy's natural defences.

- Aids in gestational and lactational support by providing high energy.

- Ideal food to transition from mother's milk to solid food.

- Unique kibble structure rehydrates to a porridge-like consistency for easy chewing.


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